fiction by cyn
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crossroads -starsky comes back from new york to find hutch embroiled in a nightmare from out of the past.
rare portraits
role reversal
in too deep
-hutch is going to a place where no one can follow-not even starsky.
noble quests
meeting of the hearts
-from the zine "love story 2"
liaisons -starsky & hutch and… huggy?
compromising positions -an undercover operation reveals things about hutch that starsky may not be able to forget...or forgive.
the signal
room 307
angel and the bad man
(au) - the boys work the streets
burn (rps) pwp - after a performance in vegas

fiction by kaye
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intro to chemistry -starsky feels faint; hutch's ears are hot. they've gone from commiserating another botched date to foreplay on the steps. it's chemistry for dummies and the boys are headed to class-hope they studied hard.
intro to chemistry II - pop quiz -the morning after the first day of class. . .the sun porch serves as study hall. . .
forgiven -takes place during starsky vs. hutch - before the tag. after the explosion - both of them - starsky bolts. he finds his way back to hutch's side with the help of huggy, minnie, and a razor.
rumination cycle
court and spark
-they've gone too far. they're burning out. can they figure out a way to heal themselves before the fire turns to ash?
memento mori
drabbles, double drabbles, a chain and a snip
ten percent solution
-a house/s&H crossover
in fire and blood
a beautiful mess

fiction by kassidy
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blood on the sun -time is running out.
like water, like fire (poem with Verlaine)  -see LWLF ebook
blue haze -set during starsky & hutch's time at the police academy - what's real and what isn't?

fiction by nicola (britwizz)
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subordinate clause / the underlying strength - psr drabble series
just supposing 
     part 2      part 3      part 4

shut up
-written for the “silence hutch” challenge on me & thee
diet and exercise

fiction by susan
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what might have been -hutch decides to tell starsky how he really feels about him.
like you, like you -starsky wants to go on a date with hutch - to the policeman's ball!
the new world -starsky shares a painful childhood memory with hutch.
return of the magi -PSR; starsky and hutch discover the joy of christmas... and each other.
resolution -hutch only has one new year's resolution. will he be able to keep it when starsky shows up at his door on new year's eve?
reunited -pre-SR, starsky decides he and hutch need a theme song.
a crack in the ice -in the hospital post-SR, hutch and starsky pass the time talking about the past and the future.
one for sorrow, two for joy -the case of a missing girl deeply affects hutch and his new relationship with starsky.
two degrees of separation -an anti-valentine's day story.
carmel summer 2006 -facing the future with grace and dignity.
happily ever after -the boys are celebrating an anniversary.
40 days of rain -post "sweet revenge"
danny boy -hutch returns home after his father's funeral.
have you seen me lately? -hutch struggles to deal with the aftermath of his heroin addiction.
post game show -missing scene for "the game"
six weeks -to one who waits, a minute seems a year
falling slowly
rules of engagement
shuffle - written for the 'what if' challenge on me and thee. what if Hutch became a lawyer instead of a cop?

fiction by dorian gray
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high and dry-begin, and cease, and then again begin...
exactly the contents of one - and forthwith cipher and show me to a cent, exactly the contents of one, and exactly the contents of two, and which is ahead?

fiction by thayln
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night vision -starsky brings hutch home.
epiphany series:   
epiphany    apogee    perigee  memory  relativity  gravity
foxtrot  - a missing scene for "ballad for a blue lady," before the tag.

fiction by valentin
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the weight of fog
weighing the differences (sequel to "the weight of fog")
the death of the six-week rule

fiction by p.r. zed
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a different fix

fiction by verlaine
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a bird in the hand
a little blood between me and thee  - poem
darkness interrupted
should i fall behind
living a different lie
not precisely cupid
pieces of silver
what if?
mountains, valleys, plains
like water, like fire (poem) -see
LWLF ebook
what if (poem)  -see
LWLF ebook
hello, darkness
a world full of jokers

fiction by salieri
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someone kneeling
simon says

fiction by librathree
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in spirit -post SR, light angst, light plot, light everything
fevered -hutch goes back to the disco for something, and finds something else.  episode related: it's a sort of a tag to season four's "discomania."
dumping delores  starsky and hutch investigate two brutal murders at a mountain resort to help out an old pal of Dobey's. other mysteries are also solved.

fiction by jeylan
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the smell of sex

fiction by lolabobs
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remember -written in response to a prompt asking what could possibly separate the boys, this story begins when starsky returns after a seven year absence.

fiction by audrey
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road trip

fiction by laura mcewan
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the will -related episode: "sweet revenge"--starsky may be dying, and he wants hutch to read his will

fiction by cassandra

rainy morning

batman vs. superman

riding the loa

vous deux


Like Water, Like Fire

(gen/slash) zine in ebook form (pdf) - just right-click the cover and "save target as.." (approx. 5 megs)
artwork by Sonja (
website email)

Table of Contents

Like Water, Like Fire by Verlaine and Kassidy
Merry, Merry by Verlaine |  email
The Smallest Sound by Rae |  email
White Rabbit by Morgan Logan |  email
In the Dying Light by Kassidy |  email
Undercurrents by Izzie West |  email
Till the Sun Breaks Down by Rae
The Mushroom Cloud by wuemsel |  email
Blue Haze by Kassidy
CC's Corner - trivia and puzzles
Best of the Net:
What If by Verlaine
Sweet Revenge by Suz TM |  email
Broken Glass by Lola |  email
Comes the Flood by Morgan Logan
Art by Selena | email