Like You, Like You

By Susan





“I’m not going to the fucking policeman’s ball! If we can’t go together, I am not going. Got it?”


“Starsk, you’re being ridiculous, we always go together. And I bought the tickets already”.


“Yeah, sure we go always together, but this year I wanna go TOGETHER together”.


“You mean, as in dancing together or just, you know, sitting together?”


“I want you to be my date, Hutch. I wanna trip the light fanatic with you.”


“It’s fantastic.”


“Of course it’s fantastic. Say yes.”


“Starsky, I mean the word is fantastic, as in ‘trip the light fantastic’. Besides, you think I’m a terrible dancer.”


“Ramon can teach anyone to dance- even zee man wiz two left foots!”


“Babe, it’s not going to happen. Not if we want to keep our jobs. But I’ll play footsie with you under the table if you like. Buy you a corsage. Drink champagne out of your shoe after. Wear ladies’ underwear, you name it.”


“That’s not funny. OK, you might look sweet in silk panties. But stop trying to distract me. Hutch, we’ve been, well, you know, together together for almost six months now. I wanna go on a date with you.”


“Starsk, can we stop calling it “together together”? I feel like I am in grade 7. By the way, I really like you like you.  Especially when you’re mad.”


“Oh, fuck off.”


“You know that’s how you end every argument, don’t you?  I am going to go read a book, let me know when you’re ready for make-up sex. You realize we’ve never had make-up sex yet? At least not together together.”










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