Just Supposing – Part Two

By Nicola Ditty aka britwizz

PSR: Sequel to “Just Supposing” – progress is made.

Disclaimer:   Starsky & Hutch are not mine.  If they were, do you think for one second I’d want to share them?

For mature audiences. Comments and feedback welcome. Share your thoughts with me at britwizz@msn.com




~ For Kass, with my humble thanks ~




"No man can teach another self-knowledge. He can only lead him

or her Up to self-discovery – the source of truth." ~ Barry Long





11. Obvious Statement

Pizza and root beer – terrific! Lettuce and tomatoes I can live without; he puts them away while I light the stove and unwrap supper.

He doesn’t say a word. Still, neither do I. After so long a silence you’d think we’d have something to say…

I suppose he’s been busy or something, ’cause the place is a mess and, looky here - red reminders. What the Hell’s going on?

I wait ’til we’re eating, then wave a bill in his face.

This…is overdue.”

He raises a bottle in a root beer toast, and says, “You can say that again.”




12. Environmentally Aware

He said, “We need to talk,” but he’s not saying much, slamming cupboard doors, looking for the trash bags I was supposed to buy. Compacting the contents of my garbage can with his foot to add the empty bottles.

The kitchen’s a mess. And suddenly I’m noticing I own a lot of clothes…and they all need washing. There’s stuff tossed everywhere. Someone break in again?

I rinse the plates - out of dishwashing liquid, too - and ask him how New York was.

“Ma thinks I need someone taking care of me,” he says, “But look at the state of you…”




13. Venture Capital

He ducks his head, embarrassed - not my intention and I can’t afford to screw this up so I say, “It ain’t so bad. We’ll get things squared away in no time…”

He looks up sharply and I’m expecting one of three things to happen when I tell him my next bright idea:

One - he’ll laugh his ass off.

Two - he’ll think I’ve got my head up my ass.

Or, three - he’ll knock me on my… you get the picture.

Instead, he goes real still - I can’t quite explain it - and, in panic I suppose, I blurt out everything at once.




14. Dharma And Karma

It’s about balance. When I’m logical, he’ll run the gamut from improbable to National Enquirer. So, based on the fact he’s showing his practical side, I suppose it means I’m pretty far gone.

Like I said - balance.

He says, “If we’re not partners, that’s eight, ten, twelve hours a day we’re not together. So, how about we get a place, and spend the rest of the hours…there. Together...”

I’m stunned. How do I merit that kind of commitment? I’m an asshole. A sonofabitch. Seriously fucked up - the precinct took a poll. Surely he doesn’t want this

But, Jesus, I do.




15. Workmen's Comp

He puts one hand on my shoulder, and just tugs. It’s enough, ’cause I’m already heading that way, and then there we are, hanging on and holding each other up.

We’ve always been close, but this is… close.

I’ve been worrying about all kinds of stuff: what I’m gonna do with my life, how I’m supposed to support Ma, stuff like that. And Hutch.

I worry about him. A lot.

I mean, look around. He’s kind of messed up. His place is a mess… and it stinks.

But, up close like this? I’m just thinking, “Nice here - I like this.”




16. A Cleansing Process

We didn’t sleep a wink last night.

I know what you’re thinking, but it wasn’t like that.

We cleaned house. And I mean cleaned - shit, we spent four hours just at the laundromat. Well, he did. I did more of the physical stuff - my mess, after all.

And we talked. About all kinds of things: the past, the future. Trivial things…and things of monumental importance.

Funny how we both supposed the end of us as working partners might mean an end to us as…us. Like the job was all that held us together.

And we call ourselves detectives?




17. The Uncertainty Principle

Working a case, when something grabs your attention, you check, and double-check, ’cause if you’re off just one tiny bit, it all goes down the can.

But you don’t see everything, which is why you have a partner. What you miss, he catches, and vice versa.

Only, Hutch ‘n’ me, we’d somehow missed this. Or mistook it for something else.

’Cause I always supposed women were my thing. Female company; good fun, great sex. Thought Hutch thought so, too…for everything else, we had each other.

But now, tangled together half asleep, I’m 100% sure we’ve got everything, right here.




18: Spatial orientation

It’s dawn.

He’s tired, I’m tired, the bed’s right over there…ten steps, I suppose. Too far.

So we sink to the couch, a synchronized slouch that evolves into a full-length sprawl. His head’s pressed against my shoulder while his left hand has taken refuge inside my shirt; he holds my heart. The fingers of my own left hand span the curve of his neck to reach a pulse point.

Satisfied with the results, I tilt forward and turn to kiss his temple. But his head snaps back as if he’s poised to say, “…And another thing…”

Our mouths collide.




19. Practical Application

People - acquaintances, our brothers in blue - they got it all wrong. They think Hutch is difficult, persnickety. Demanding, like a needy kid. Well, what do they know anyway?

He’s not demanding. And he’s about the least needy person I ever met. Just the most in need… if you know what I mean.

Take love, for instance.

He doesn’t expect it, doesn’t assume it’s his by right. But - boy - does he ever need it.

He was gonna plant one right on my forehead. S’pose he thought that was all he was allowed.

Big dummy… Good thing I know what he needs.




20. Acts And Revelations

His kiss is unexpected. Gentle, sweet - root beer echoes from the supple cavern of his mouth.

The spark of my surprise is instantly extinguished. I am wrapped in his arms, blanketed beneath layers of the familiar and the unknown.

He acted…and I react, pressing my mouth to his. As on the streets, we are blessed now by a harmony of motion: no sharp elbowed fumbling, no eye-watering pain of bumped noses. His lips part, and my tongue crosses the threshold.

His closed eyelids flicker. He drones softly, from deep within.

Better than I ever supposed, his kiss is astonishing.













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